what secrets do codes on fruits and vegetables reveal??


 What secrets do codes on fruits and vegetables reveal??

When you are picking out anything at a grocery store, what do you look for? 

The shiniest apple? The cheapest bunch of bananas or healthy produce of fruits and vegetables??  

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Apart from choosing the fresh produce, checking the codes on fruits and vegetables are equally important. Because the codes on the food you buy could potentially have a greater impact on your health than you realize, these codes will let us know the details on how they are treated before arriving at the supermarket. 

The four-digit code that starts with the number “4” tells you that the item in question was treated with chemicals and pesticides. So, you will probably want to avoid choosing the apple despite its shine.

Source: Food Hacks:: WonderHowTo

A five-digit code that starts with the number “8” will let you know that you are looking at a GMO crop. So, you can place the fruit down without any second thought and move over to the next section. 

The five-digit code starting with the number “9” represents an organically grown product. 

Source: BrightSide

But, what is GMO? Why should we avoid it? 

GMOs are genetically modified organisms. Few giant companies modify the way the produce is grown. 

Source: The New York Times

So, due to the gene modification, the fresh fruits and vegetables which are supposed to improve our health end up harming us instead. The essential vitamins and minerals are stripped from the food in exchange for fillers and foreign DNA. 

So, try checking out for codes on the stickers on fruits and vegetables on your next grocery shopping. 


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