No more smelly armpits 


                                         No more smelly armpits 

One may feel insecure when the body odour is unpleasant. They don’t feel fresh even after a refreshing bath. But why does our body produce that odour? 

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Multiple factors cause bad body odour. A few of them include bacteria breaking down sweat into acids, being unhygienic, excess sweating, and puberty. Sometimes medications and foods we eat can also cause sudden changes. 

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So here are few simple home remedies to avoid bad odour:

1.Tomato juice:

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Due to its rich antioxidant levels and antiseptic properties, it helps to remove the bacteria and also prevents pungent odour.  

  1. Try taking some tomato pulp and apply to your armpits. Let it be for 10-15mins and rinse it.

2.Vinegar or ACV:

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Both vinegar and apple cider vinegar can be used for curing the body odour of armpits. Vinegar helps in managing the PH balance of the skin and destroys odour-causing bacteria. 

  1. Take equal parts of Vinegar/ACV and water. Now mix and try applying a layer with a cotton bud. Leave it for 15-20mins and wash well.


3.Baking soda:


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Baking soda has good anti-bacterial properties. This helps in managing clean and odour-free armpits. 

  1. Take a tbsp of baking soda and add some lemon to it. Now apply this paste to the armpits and leave it for 2-3mins. Then rinse with water. 



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Just like vinegar, lemon acts as a good PH balancer. So, lemon helps in removing bad odour. 

Cut half lemon and squeeze the juice. Now apply with a cotton bud. People with sensitive skin can dilute the juice in water and then apply it. Wash it once dried 


5.Green tea:

Green tea has rich detoxifying properties. So, it helps in decreasing the odour intensity. 

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Strain the green tea extract after boiling and apply it to underarms. Once dried, rinse it off. 


  1. If the odour is caused by any other medical conditions or medicinal usage, then it is suggested to contact a dermatologist.
  2. And people with sensitive skin are always recommended to go for a patch test before trying anything.

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