Sesame seeds (Nuvvulu)- The all rounder 


                Sesame seeds(Nuvvulu) – The All-rounder

Sesame seeds are an all-rounder. Starting from using them at auspicious yagnyas, they also have multiple benefits and are used regularly in our day-to-day life. It includes using them in ayurvedic medicines, oils, food recipes, etc. Sesame seeds are available in three colours – white, black, and creamy white.

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Sesame seeds are considered an important ingredient in many home remedies. They are used in treating multiple health concerns. A few of them include:


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నువ్వులతో నిండు నూరేళ్లు



Take 100grams of sesame seeds and 100gms of jaggery. Grind them and store them in a jar. Before going to bed, eat a small amount of this mixture measuring the size of a gooseberry, and drink 100ml of hot milk or some warm water. People with diabetes can avoid jaggery and just mix 5g of sesame seeds powder in 100ml of hot milk and drink at night to get better results.

2.Frequent urination:

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Take 50gms of all crushed sesame seeds, carom seeds, puffed rice. Mix all of them and store them in a container. Now add a teaspoon of this mixture to 100ml water and take it twice a day in the morning and evening. Depending on the age, add a half teaspoon for kids to prevent frequent urination.

3.Knee pains:

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Take crushed sesame seeds and dry ginger powder in equal amounts. Add this mixture to(2-3g) of honey and eat it to help in treating knee pains. People with diabetes can add to 100ml milk or warm water.


4.Mouth ulcers:


Store 50gms of crushed sesame seeds and crystal sugar in a container. Mix half spoon of this mixture to one spoon of butter and take it twice every day. Sesame seeds are full of calcium, iron, protein, and phosphorous. So, this remedy helps in treating mouth ulcers that occurred due to vitamin deficiency.



Take 10gms each of crushed sesame seeds, white mustard seeds, and Yavakshar(available in ayurvedic stores). Add this mixture to a small amount of cow milk and make it a paste. Apply them on pimples for better results.




Take 100gms of roasted sesame seeds powder and add garlic juice to it. Make green pea-sized balls and try taking 1 ball twice or thrice a day.

7.Good sleep cycle:

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Heat some sesame oil and let it cool down. Later add 1/4th part of camphor and store it in a jar. Massage your feet with this oil every day to get better sleep.

8.Period cramps:


Take 100gms of crushed sesame seeds, 100gms of crushed roasted carom seeds. Mix them and store them in a container. Add this mixture to 200ml water and boil till 50ml of water is left. Let it cool down, filter it, and have it. Take this twice a day and start 20days before your period cycle till you complete it.

Try mixing sesame seeds powder in 50ml water and drink 2-3days before periods. Consuming sesame seeds/powder is not suggested for pregnant women. So, depending on the weather and body type, try adjusting the consumption levels.

Take 10gms black sesame seeds, 20gms old jaggery, single leaf hibiscus flowers -4 and make a fine paste out of them. Make small-sized balls and eat twice a day. It helps in preventing irregular periods.









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