safe Holi Tips


                                                                           SAFE HOLI TIPS

  • Who doesn’t love to celebrate the festival of colours?? Holi is celebrated all over the globe meaning the victory of good over evil irrespective of all age groups. So why not celebrate this joyous festival with safe measures making it more colourful??


Why are artificial Holi colours dangerous??

Holi is a festival of colour pops of happiness and joy. But, the dangers associated with artificial holi colours are ingredients like lead oxide, mercury sulphite, copper sulphate, and other chemicals which damages your skin, eyes, and scalp.

How to replace artificial colours?

Why not prepare homemade holi colours straight from our kitchen which are not only safe but also healthy.

DIY ideas for holi colours: 

  1. Yellow: Turmeric powder + gram flour for a bright yellow colour. 
  2. Red: Sandalwood powder or powdered dry hibiscus flower.
  3. Green: Henna powder 
  4. Pink: Beetroot powder made out of dried beetroot slices. 

Turmeric promotes bright skin, Sandalwood powder reduces blemishes and treats acne. Henna powder gives glossy look to the hair and beetroot prevents ageing.


How to protect your skin from chemical colours?

Applying oil tops the list in protecting your skin from chemical colours as oil not only helps you in washing off the colours easily, it also helps in restricting the colour absorption into the skin.

How to wash holi colours? 

Post Holi skin care always plays an important role. Try avoiding a few common mistakes and add some simple tips for a satisfying post holi bath.

  1. Avoid applying kerosene or petrol to wash away the colours.
  2. Avoid vigorous rubbing as it only makes your skin dry.
  3. Try adding some turmeric and neem leaves to the bathing water
  4. Use gentle soap and shampoo to cleanse.
  5. Moisturize your skin once you wash off the colours.


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