Loofah- which one to choose?


                                             Body Exfoliants 

Body exfoliation clears the outer layers of skin by removing the dead cells. It promotes Skin brightening and blood circulation improving your skin.

Physical exfoliants include scrub or creams with grains or any exfoliating tool of choice made of rough material.

Bathing sponge/plastic Loofah: One of the best basic physical exfoliating choices to add to your routine are bathing sponge loofahs which scrubs the clump of dead skin on the outer layer of skin. They promote a good skin regime and comes in different shapes and types suitable for different purposes. It gives very very mild exfoliation and this is good for babies and this is not so effective for adults 

Natural ridge gourd/bottle gourd loofah: These kitchen garden loofahs are nothing but the overripe on the stem dried down ridge gourd or bottle gourd loofahs to step up your physical exfoliants. They help in lightening the skin pigmentation and darkness around the neck. this is more effective than plastic loofah

Natural bristle brush: We can consider this natural bristle brush as an upgraded version of natural loofahs. It can be detached and attached depending on the usage. This helps to exfoliate especially when your routine includes after shaving your body hair. This helps in avoiding bumps, in-grown hair, and razor burns. 

Exfoliating gloves: Just like other exfoliants, apart from removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood circulation. These gloves leave your skin smooth repairing damaged skin. you can see the vast difference after using it and you can use it Daily, this is more  preferable 

Cream exfoliants: The physical exfoliants not only help in getting rid of dead skin but also hydrates the skin. It can be a combination of various ingredients and depending on your skin type, one can choose different brands of physical exfoliants. This may also include homemade coconut oil and sugar, coconut oil and rock salt, etc to use as scrubs or polishers, it can be used once  a week 

conclusion: As per our research we feel exfoliating gloves gives the best results...Different skin types have Different Results if you are hypersensitive pls Do your own study  


Can we use exfoliants daily? 

Everyday Exfoliation is considered a good regime, but anyone with sensitive skin or breakouts or skin patches is not suggested to exfoliate.

How hard should we exfoliate? 

Exfoliation is a technique to wash away the dead skin and rubbing hard is not going to lead to better results. Be gentle in using any kind of exfoliates. 

What are the side effects of body exfoliation?

Scrubbing too hard or over-exfoliation may cause skin hypersensitivity leading to irritation and skin breakouts

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