Gray Hair – Facts and Treatment


                                                 Treat your Gray hairs. 

The most alarming factor for any person is noticing Gray hair, making anyone feel old. But, Gray hair is a result of disappearing or dying melanocyte stem cells which happens while ageing.

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Melanocytes produce the pigment melanin. Melanocyte stem cells make melanocytes which disappear gradually, resulting in Gray hair.


What are the causes of Grey hair: 

 Stress: Few Studies show that chronic stress may damage melanocyte cells responsible for hair colour.

Vitamin deficiencies: Vitamin deficiencies, including B-6 and B-12, stands top in causing premature greying. In people with early greying of hair, B-12 deficiencies are concurrent with folic acid and biotin.

Genetics: Statistics state that Genetics plays a major role in inheriting the colour from parents, and early greying can be due to genetics in some cases.

Oxidative stress: Oxidative stress increases the chance of premature greying as it creates imbalance and decreases the free radical damage

Smoking: Smoking causes free radical damage, thereby destroying the melanin pigments causing grey hair

Chemical hair dyes and hair products: Harmful ingredients in shampoos and hair dyes reduce melanin percentage, thereby affecting the hair colour

Home remedies for grey hair:

Amla/Indian gooseberry oil: Due to its rich antioxidant properties, amla is considered the best remedy for greying. Add some amla powder or dried amla to coconut oil and apply to the hair and scalp for best results.

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Curry leaves oil: The rich source of Beta- keratin in curry leaves revitalize your roots and help your follicles restoring the colour. Add curry leaves to coconut oil and heat it. Apply this oil at least twice a week for better results.

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.


Bhringraj oil: Bhringraj helps in maintaining the natural hair colour. You can add some coconut oil or amla oil to bhringraj oil and heat it on low flame. Now massage it well to the hair and scalp to aid in colour reversing.

Ridge gourd oil helps restore the pigment cells in hair follicles, which helps in reversing grey hair. Soak dried ridge gourd pieces in coconut oil for 3-4 days. Now heat the oil on a low flame and strain the oil and store it for further use.

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.



Black tea: The tannic acid in black tea darkens the hair over time and helps in melanin and keratin boost. Add tea bags to water and boil them. Apply it on hair and scalp. Let it stay and rinse it off.

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.


  1. Can grey hairs be reversed? 
  • As per studies, Hair colour restoration may not be possible for hair that’s already gone grey. But,  we can protect the rest and delay the inevitable for a bit longer by healthy home remedies and few lifestyle changes.
  1. Do home remedies give you instant results? 
  • To see better results, being consistent for at least 6months is highly recommended.
  1. Can we treat grey hairs with lifestyle changes?
  • Making changes in both your diet and lifestyle can help in minimizing grey hairs.





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