No more Snoring 


                                            No More Snoring

We observe someone snoring quite often. But, there are times when this turns out to be a chronic issue in some people. People snore when there is no free air movement through your nose and throat during sleep. When surrounding tissue vibrate, it produces a snoring sound. 

Source: Nautilus | Science Connected

So, how about learning some tips and techniques to treat snoring with simple changes. 

Below are the changes suggested to cure snoring:  

Healthy weight: Shredding few pounds can help in reducing the fatty tissue and narrow down the airways. So, this can help in treating snoring or even stop it completely. 


Adjusting your sleeping position: Switching your sleeping position can help you in controlling snoring. Blocking of airways can be a cause, and sleeping sideways can avoid this issue resulting in peaceful sleep without snoring. 

Source : MyFitnessPal Blog

Cutting down on alcohol and smoke: As smoking irritates your throat muscles, and drinking reduces the resting tone of the muscles, causing snoring. So try cutting down on alcohol and smoking. 

Source: Verywell Mind

Stay hydrated: The thickened mucus due to dehydration increases the chances of snoring. So, stay hydrated and drink good amounts of water.

Source: Windsor Dermatology

Good diet: Avoiding heavy meals and high-fat dairy products at night can help in controlling snoring. These can cause inflammation in the throat muscles, increasing snoring. So, a good diet and managing meals can help in controlling snoring. 

Source: Lifehack

Good sleep: When your body is over tried or doesn’t get enough rest, there are high chances of snoring. This results in relaxing your throat and tongue muscles. So, try getting 7-9hrs of sleep every day. 

Source: Inc. Magazine

Elevate your head: Propping up your head may help in clearing the airways by helping in reducing the snoring.

Source: Terry Cralle

Steam inhalation: The nasal congestion, which is an important reason for snoring, can be reduced by inhaling steam. This is one of the best remedies. 

Source: DNA India

Mouth and throat exercises: To control mild snoring, exercising the throat and tongue muscles can be of good help. They tone the muscles and gives you good results. 

Source: SnoreGym

**Note: If the intensity of the issue is high, it is always suggested to recommend a doctor 

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