Best out of waste 


                                  Best out of waste 

We all know that the universe is full of surprises and wonderful creations. But, the things which we consider as waste may contain various medicinal benefits and curing powers.

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Considering the most useful leftovers, below are the magical healing properties and uses they have. 


Source: National Review
  1. Skin issues: Take an equal amount of chopped banana peel and coconut oil. Boil these chopped banana peels on low flame till they turn into black colour. Now let them cool, filter, and apply the solution as a fine layer. It helps in treating skin issues like heel cracks and ringworms. 
  2. Acne and rashes: Trying to rub the inside white skin of a banana peel on the areas of acne and rashes. This helps in calming the skin and also treats warts and mouth ulcers. 
  3. Vitiligo: Take some dried banana leaves and burn them. Collect the ash and sieve it to filter. Now add some fine turmeric powder to the ash and store it in a jar. Now try mixing an ample amount of honey into the powder. Consuming gram twice a day is going to give the best results. 
  4. Cough: Giving half a gram of dried banana leaves ash powder added to some honey for kids will treat their cough, and elders can consume 1 gram of the same for better results. 

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Orange peel: 

Source: The Statesman
  1. Lightens dark lips: Crush the dried orange peel into a fine powder and sieve it. Add some honey to this powder and apply a thin layer to your lips. Doing it regularly can give good results. 

Mango seed butter: 

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  1. Treats dandruff: Add some water to Mango seed powder and make a thick paste. Apply this paste to the scalp and let it stay for 30mins. Later wash it off with soapnuts or shikakai for better results. 
  2. Piles: Take some dried mango seed butter and crush it. Add 1-2grams to 100ml freshly prepared buttermilk and drink it twice a day. This helps in treating piles.
  3. Cough, bloating, and acidity: By adding an ample amount of sugar to 1-2 grams of dried mango seed butter, acidity can be controlled. To treat cough, add honey instead. This not only treats bloating and other issues but also white discharge problems in women. 

Coir or coconut fibre: 

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  1. Motions: Add 15g of coir to 200ml of water and boil till 100ml is left. Let it cool down, filter it, and drink twice for best results. 
  2. Acidity: Burn this coir and sieve the ash. Mix this to 200ml of freshly prepared buttermilk and drink it twice. 
  3. Eczema and ringworms: Collect few coconut shells and make them to pieces. Now dry them and burn them. Sieve the ash for a finer version. Mix some coconut oil to the ash and apply a nice layer on the affected areas. This helps in curing eczema and ringworms. 

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