Lemon and its Superpowers


                                        Lemon and its Superpowers

Lemon is considered to be one of the topmost citrus fruit with multiple benefits. The phytonutrients in lemon protect our body from many diseases. Different forms of lemon can be used to create wonders in our daily routine. Some of its superpowers are listed below. 

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అమ్మలాంటి నిమ్మ

Darkness on the face: Add some boiled milk to an ample amount of lemon juice and apply it to the skin. Massage gently and rinse it with warm water after half an hour. Being consistent gives better results. 

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Increase appetite:  Prepare a mixture comprising half teaspoon jaggery powder, Half lemon, 1 gram salt, and 1gram Cumin seeds powder. Now add this powder to 100ml water and drink it before half an hour of your meal. This will activate the digestive system and increases appetite. 

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Itching: Add some coconut oil to lemon juice and apply it to the skin for better results. 

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Hairfall control: Add 100ml lemon juice to half litre coconut oil. Boil it on low flame till the oil is left. Later let the oil cool down and filter the oil to store it for future use. Applying regularly can control hair fall and dandruff issues.

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Promotes Weight loss:  Add 40grams of each variety including pepper powder, cumin powder, and coriander powder to 10grams of Sendha namak(Saindhava lavanam). Keep this mixture aside and add 3grams of this mixed powder along with 10ml of lemon juice to 200ml warm water. Drink this once or twice a day. Drinking this by adding a good workout and clean diet to your routine can aid in the best weight loss results. 

Source: Medical Xpress

Kidney stones: Add 1gram Himalayan pink salt and 5-10ml of lemon juice to 200ml water. Drink this morning and night will help in melting the kidney stones. 

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Toothache: Adding a little amount of lemon juice to clove powder and applying it to the affected area can relieve the pain. 

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Scorpion bite: By applying a paste of salt and lemon juice on the area can immediately reduce the pain, redness, and burning sensation. 

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Bad breath: Try gargling the solution made of 10ml lemon juice and 50ml rosewater once or twice a day to address the issue. 

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Ear pain: Remove the seeds inside the lemon and heat them by adding some salt on the top of the lemon. Now by squeezing 2-3 drops in the ear can give instant relief from ear pain. 

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Teeth whitening: Make a tooth powder by adding dried lemon peel powder to an equal amount of salt. Use this tooth powder every day for the best results. 

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