Do you jerk in sleep??


                                        Do you jerk in sleep??

We commonly experience muscle twitching when we fall asleep or during sleep. These are also called hypnic jerks. They occur randomly and the strength of these jerks vary from basic twitch to spasms which can startle a person and wake them. 

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The causes are not clear or particular but, we can mark few reasons which can cause these jerks. So, this post gives us a brief about the causes of twitching or hypnic jerks. 

Few symptoms of Hypnogogic jerks: 

  • Jerk of a muscle
  • Sensation of falling 
  • A quick startle or hallucination of falling or a jump
  • Rapid heartbeat or sweating 

Multiple causes of hypnic jerks: 

  1. Poor sleeping habits: Irregular or poor sleeping habits and deprived sleep can trigger twitches or hypnic jerks.
  2. Workout: Physical activity stimulates the body and working out late at night can make it difficult for the body to relax. 
  3. Caffeine or nicotine: Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine or any other drugs increase the chance of getting hypnic jerks. They affect the flow of natural sleep and stimulates the body. 
  4. Stress and anxiety: A lifestyle filled with stress and anxiety can leave the brain active and send alert signals making it easier to startle. So, there are high chances to experience twitches during sleep when you are stressed out or excited. 


  1. Adapting a sleep routine: Getting habituated to a proper sleep routine can reduce the jerks and aids in peaceful sleep. So try getting rid of all the gadgets at least 30mins before going to sleep and get used to a regular sleep routine every day.
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  2. Breathing exercise: Doing breathing exercises can calm both your mind and heart rate. So, this calms your nerves and helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels.
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  3. Avoid stimulants: By avoiding taking stimulants like caffeine, nicotine or any other drugs before sleep hours can reduce your body activity and result in better and peaceful sleep. 
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  4. Early workout: By finishing off your workouts in the early evening hours can give some time for your body to rest. At least avoiding high-intensity workouts and choosing yoga and others can reduce the effects when there is no choice. 
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