Get rid of Dark knees and elbows 


                      Get rid of dark knees and elbows

What causes dark knees and elbows?? Almost 8 of 10 people may look for remedies to treat dark knees and elbows. But there might be multiple reasons involving too much exposure to dirt and sunlight, causing hyperpigmentation, friction, overproduction of melanin, accumulation of dead cells, hormonal imbalance, etc. 

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So how about using a few magical kitchen ingredients to lighten the dark knees and elbows. 

మోచేతులు మోకాళ్ళ నలుపు పోగొట్టడం ఎలా??

Home Remedies :

Lemon: The acidic properties and vitamin c from the lemon can help exfoliation and lighten the darkness. You can try out the combination of lemon and honey or lemon and baking soda. Make a thin paste and apply it to the dark areas. Let it dry, and then rinse. 

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Curd/Yogurt: Not many know that curd is not only a good moisturizer but also helps in improving skin tone. It helps in exfoliation and removing the dead skin. So, it can be used in combination with either gram flour/besan, and that paste can be applied to treat the dark knees and elbows. 

Source: Times of India

Baking soda: The properties of cleansing in baking soda not only help in reducing the darkness but also treats pigmentation. It also acts as natural scrubs. So it can be mixed with water or lemon juice and applied as a paste. Let it dry and wash it off after some time. 

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Aloe vera: It makes skin supple, and aloesin from aloe vera regulates melanin production. It helps in treating pigmentation and also lightens the darkness. You can directly cut open a leaf and apply fresh gel or else buy pure aloe vera gels available in the market.

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Turmeric: The rich anti-bacterial properties of turmeric help in many aspects, and to deal with the dark knees and elbows, it can be combined with curd/milk and honey. All together makes a magical combination to lighten the darkness. 

Source: Medical News Today

Potato juice: The mild bleaching properties in potato helps in removing the darkness. So one can either extract the juice or rub potato slices on the affected areas for best results. 

Source: Pride Magazine Nigeria

Coconut oil: The essential fatty acids and vitamin E in coconut oil help in reducing the darkness. You can massage coconut oil to the dark areas and leave it for some time. Later have a good hot water bath. 

Source: Medical News Today

Rice water: Rice water is considered a good remedy for centuries. So, using  rice water and applying it to the dark areas can help in reducing them 

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**Note: Results take both time and consistency while using any home remedies. 

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