Home made hair oils


Natural Homemade oils For Your Hair. 

 1.Homemade coconut oil: Take five whole fresh grated coconut, transfer into a blender, add half a cup water, grind it into a fine paste, strain the milk using a clean cloth, refrigerate the prepared fresh coconut milk for 12 hours, cream separates easily, now melt the cream in Kadai, cook on medium flame till oil gets separated

2.curry leaves oil: take one cup of curry leaves, wash and dry in the shade, blend and make a fine powder now, take a pan and add 2 cups of coconut oil and 1 tsp fenugreek powder and add prepared curry leaves powder and boil in low flame for 10-15 min, allow it to cool and strain the oil using cotton cloth 

1.you can store it for three months 

2.you can use it twice a week or daily 

3.Aloe vera oil: wash aloe vera leaf cut into small pieces, add coconut oil to the Kadai/bowl and aloe vera pieces, boil it for 15 min, stir the mixture now allow it to cool, strain the liquid and store it in a container 

1. give hot oil massage whenever you want to use it 

4.Fenugreek oil: take one aloe vera leaf cut it into two 

sprinkle 2 tsp fenugreek seeds in the middle tie both the cut parts together with thread ensuring fenugreek seeds are in contact with aloe vera for 48 hours; after two days, you will get sprouted seeds, sundry the germinated seeds for 2-3 days now add 1 cup of coconut oil and again sundry the mixture for 2-3 days( cover the top)strain the liquid and store it in a container 

  1. use weekly once 
  2. massage your scalp with this hot oil 

5.onion Hair oil: Grate onion, strain the juice add coconut oil, put the bowl in a double boiler for 15min(medium flame), massage it to your scalp and leave it overnight and wash your hair the next day in the morning

1. you can use this oil twice a week 

6.Rose oil: Dry rose petals, add half a cup of coconut oil, heat it for 15min, cool the mixture, strain the liquid using a cloth now, add 2 tsp castor oil and store it in a container, massage the oil on to your scalp and hair and wash it in the following day 

  1. shelf life of this oil is one year 

Natural Remedies take time to show results and may also vary from person to person. you can use any above-mentioned oils for good hair 


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