Weight loss tips 


                                          Weight loss tips 

Overweight and obesity are considered to be major health risks these days. Weightloss not only aids in good health but also helps in avoiding some potentially serious health problems

Overweight or obese individuals made up 78% of confirmed COVID-19 cases – Dentistry Online
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So, rather than working on specific weightloss tips as trial and error. Why not consider highly suitable approaches in losing weight helping everyone in common. 

Tips for a healthy weight loss routine: 

Avoid skipping breakfast: Breakfast is one of the important meals in a day and never skip it. One may end up missing out on required nutrients leading to hunger pangs.

Don t Skip Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day
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Calorie deficit: Being on a calorie deficit helps a lot if you are working for weight loss. This is nothing but consuming fewer calories than your body expends.

 The calorie deficit lie. | White Cliffs Crossfit

Including fruits and vegetables: Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet may aid in weight loss as they are low in calories and fat. Fiber from them will add to your efforts in cutting those extra pounds.  

Fruit and veg most non-compliant category in import checks | Food Safety News
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Physical activity: Including physical activity in your daily routine will help you in burning more calories promoting weight loss. 

Physical activity and depression | Nature Human Behaviour
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Water Intake: Increasing water intake may flush out toxins and drinking water before meals keep you full helping you avoid larger meals 

8 Best times to drink water to stay healthy - MedClique
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Eating protein foods: Protein stands out tall in weightloss journey. Adding protein to your diet helps to preserve lean body mass and boosts metabolism leading to weight loss 

Best High Protein Foods You should be Eating - Eatsumgreens
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Cut down on junk: Junk food is a source of excess calories and one of the root causes of obesity. Obesity may in turn lead to respiratory and heart issues. So, try cutting down on junk and avoid stocking up at home. 

10 easy ways to make you stop craving for unhealthy junk food | The Times of India
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Diet plan for medical conditions: Anyone with medical histories like diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, or any health concerns should consult a nutritionist to know the root cause for weight gain and then get a customized diet plan and routine for better weight loss results. 

Your 7-Day Meal Plan | ACTIVE
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Is physical activity mandatory for everyone?

No! Anyone with a history of injuries or other medical conditions should consult a doctor before starting a physical activity 

Can we reduce weight by eating? 

One can still lose weight by including healthy eating options and balancing your food options. 

Should we avoid fat foods for weight loss?

There are good fats and bad fats. Including good fats like nuts and seeds is not going to affect your weight loss journey. 

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