Shaving steps and tips for women 


                      Shaving steps and tips for women

Are you having second thoughts about wearing that nice sleeveless top or a bodycon dress just because you haven’t shaved your underarms and legs? Are you having doubts about proper shaving steps?

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Many feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless or knee-length clothes when they have fully grown hair on their legs or armpits. But,  shaving at home takes very little time and gives an amazing after look when proper shaving steps and tips are followed.

Various shaving steps for a safer shave:

  1. Cleanse or wet your legs: Without immediately jumping into a shaving routine, it is important to perform a basic cleanse or wetting your skin to make your hair softer.
    Source: Associated Dermatologists
  2. Exfoliate: The clogged pores can cause razor bumps or irritation. So, exfoliating before shaving can help to slough off the dead skin.
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  3. Use shaving cream: Shaving cream conditions the skin making the hair follicles smoother. Choose a mild shaving cream for sensitive skin.
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  4. Use a clean sharp razor: As dull blades lead to cuts, it is important to opt for a new clean sharp razor for shaving purposes. Use a sharp razor. Old blades must be replaced with new ones frequently after few shaves to avoid infections.
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    Moisturize: Apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and to gives a smooth and shining finish.

    Source: Vein Center At Iowa Heart

Tips for a safer shave:

  1. You can replace your Shaving cream with a Hair conditioner.
  2. People with sensitive skin should shave downwards avoiding shaving in the opposite direction.
  3. To get a clean shave around the knee area, bend your knees.
  4. Never leave your razor in damp areas.
  5. Always buy a fresh razor after few uses.
  6. Don’t shave around unhealed wounds
  7. Always keep the racer covered to prevent it from rusting.

**Note: People with sensitive skin or excessive skin bumps and other skin issues are suggested to consult a dermatologist for safety purposes.

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