Burn your calories with Zumba


              Burn your calories with Zumba

Zumba became a fast-growing fitness trend due to its magical moves and tunes. This program is designed to support interval training improving cardiovascular fitness parallelly. Burn your calories with Zumba, as it is a powerful exercise routine that can burn around 600-1000 calories in a one-hour session. One can include Zumba as part of their workout routine for a full-body workout and build endurance. So, let’s see the list of various benefits one can bag from doing Zumba. 

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Burn your calories with the following benefits: 

Full body workout: Zumba is moreover a combination of both dance and fitness. Starting from neck rotations to good footwork, it will touch on nearly every joint and body muscle. 

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Calorie burn/Weight loss: It is a powerful workout routine that burns 600 to 1,000calories in one class. The energy expenditure will be moved to maximum levels making it an advantage for calorie burn or fat burn. 

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Open for everyone: Just because this fitness routine involves dance styles, the platform is restricted only to dancers. Everyone who can dance their heart out can enrol for the class and equally burn some calories enjoying the core. 

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Stress buster: This is a great way to relieve your stress. This workout routine makes you happier, melting away your stress and boosting up your mood. Dancing your heart out and socializing brings a lot of mental relief to many people. 

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A good option to socialize: Zumba parties and Zumba events create a platform to meet and have fun with many new people. So, people who like to socialize can attend at least two or three times per week and also will get to make new friends among your Zumba classmates. 

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Coordination: Repeated practice of the music tracks helps in improving body coordination, and people with stiff body movements can become a little flexible through a consistent Zumba routine. 

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Release happy hormones: The endorphins released during the workout routine keeps you positive throughout the day. One can not only burn a lot of calories but can also boost their mood by attending a Zumba class. 

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Drawbacks of Zumba: 

  1. As it includes jumping and moving the body at different angles, people with lower back or knee injuries should consult their doctor before joining Zumba to avoid further complications. 
  2. As per studies, 180 minutes of cardio per week is suggestible, and doing too much Zumba without a proper diet can burn your muscle. 
  3. It is hard to build lean muscle only by doing Zumba 
  4. Elders, kids, and clients with any medical history should get a nod from their doctors
  5. Avoid overtraining with Zumba if you have specific bodyweight goals. 

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