Modern Saree draping styles 


                Modern Saree draping styles

Saree draping is a beautiful art because it changes the entire appearance and enhances the look. These days draping styles depends upon the event or party you attend, and With evolving styles and trends, modern saree draping styles are creating a trend. So, a saree is no more an exclusive pick for only traditional events.

Flaunt and slay with below listed modern saree draping styles:

Choose your favourite from these stylish trends.

Modern saree draping with Dhoti style:


This new style of saree draping is crashing the latest trends and if you are looking for a unique look, try the dhoti style saree. You can either choose a pre-draped and stitched dhoti saree or pick your favourite step-by-step tutorial as per your requirement.

Modern saree draping with Stylish pant Style:

Why not give your look a new twist with a stylish Pant style? Try this draping style and highlight your personality and styling. A readymade Pant style sarees are available in the market these days. So, pick it for your next event leaving your mark.

Fish cut Saree style: 

Fish cut saree style is also called Mermaid style. The saree petticoat or underskirt plays a crucial role in fish cut or mermaid style saree styling because it fits right on the waist flaring up at the bottom giving the right shape.

Belt style:

Carry a bold look by adding a simple belt to your styling. Adding a simple and classy belt changes your style statement for the night. Be it sleek or broad, pick the right belt to compliment your saree.

Palazzo saree: 


To all the hurry bees out there, a Modern palazzo saree can be your best pick. Style easy, wear easy and flaunt easily with these trending western looks.

Long coat western style: 

Choose this style to elevate your royal look for the night. Pairing your saree with a western designer long coat steals the show establishing signifying power and dignity.

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