How to get rid of tanned hands?? 


                How to get rid of tanned hands?? 

When the skin gets exposed to harsh sunlight, the skin gets tanned. The UVA rays pierce into the lower layers of the epidermis and cause the body to release melanin.


Gram flour and turmeric: Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric to a half cup of gram flour. Make a fine paste and apply it to the hands evenly. Let it dry and gently rinse with lukewarm water. 

Lemon juice and honey: Mix some lemon juice and honey. Apply a nice layer of this mixture on your hands and leave it for 30mins. Rinse it for good results, and one can add some sugar to the mixture for a natural scrubbing experience. 

Cucumber: Being a natural skin enhancer, rubbing a slice of cucumber or applying cucumber juice to hands can reduce tan and brightens skin. To prepare juice, one can shred the cucumber to pieces and squeeze out the juice. 

Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel helps in restoring the skin’s original pigment. Extract the gel from aloe vera lead and apply it to hands. Let it dry and wash it with plain water. 

Papaya pulp: Remove the pulp and blend it to a fine paste. Add a little amount of lemon juice to it and apply well on the hands. As papaya acts as a natural exfoliant, it will help in reducing the tan. 

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Potato: Potato is known as a potent bleaching agent, and applying raw potato juice or potato peel on the skin can lighten the tan. After applying the juice, let it dry and wash well with water. 

Yoghurt: The presence of zinc anti-inflammatory properties of yoghurt helps in reducing tan and pigmentation. Yoghurt can be used in combination with lemon juice, honey, turmeric, and also tomato juice for better results. 

Tomato: Being rich in bioactive compounds, tomatoes help in reducing tan. Prepare a thick tomato paste by blending them and apply it to the hands. Let it dry and wash it off it with water for better results. 

Hacks to prevent: 

  1. Wear gloves while driving or going out. 
  2. Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun 
  3. Try wearing full-sleeved clothes when going out. 
  4. Avoid exposing yourselves to the sun during peak hours. 


  • Being consistent can give better results when one follow home remedies.

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