Cow milk vs Buffalo milk


 Cow milk VS Buffalo milk

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Milk is wholesome food. We get milk from both cow and buffalo. Milk has a lot of health beneficiaries. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, calories and other nutrients. We have been told about various benefits of having a glass full of milk every day as a part of our diet. It has an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals. Essentially it became a part of our daily routine. But we do want to know which milk is good whether cow milk or buffalo milk. Let us compare both of them with their valuable contents.

1) Nutritional content:

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Buffalo milk and cow milk both are rich in nutrients. But when compared both, Buffalo milk has more nutrients and calories packed in high amount in its milk than that of cow milk. So Buffalo milk is rich in nutritious value.

2) Cholesterol content:

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Cow milk has less amount of fat than Buffalo milk. Buffalo milk contains 7-8% of fat content, whereas cow milk contains 3-4% fat content. Thus Buffalo milk is heavy and gives fullness for a longer time and also take time to digest. Cow milk, on the other hand, has less amount of cholesterol so that it can be digested easily; Buffalo milk shows its thick consistency and cow milk with low thickness because of this fat content.

3) Water content:

Buffalo milk contains 83% of water and 17% of solids whereas cow milk contains 88% of water and 12% of solids. This water content is crucially important in human metabolism.

4) Calcium content:

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Cow milk contains 21% of the daily value, Buffalo milk contains 32% of the daily value. Buffalo milk also has more minerals like phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin A. Cow milk contains more vitamins compared with Buffalo milk.

5) Lactose content:

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Lactose, also called “milk sugar, ” is a carbohydrate made up of two sugars known to be glucose and galactose. Cow milk contains 11grams of lactose, while Buffalo milk contains 13 grams of lactose. This sugar content is the reason why we taste milk sweet.

6) Preservation of milk:


Milk is pasteurized and preserved for further usage. Peroxidase is an enzyme isolated from milk, this helps milk in preservation by catalyzing oxidation molecules in presence of hydrogen peroxide for antimicrobial activity. This activity takes place more in Buffalo’s milk than that in cow’s milk. Thus Buffalo milk is preserved for more time than cow’s milk.

Final note:

Milk is an essential healthy diet. In one way or the other, we consume milk in our daily life. We are making coffee, tea, cheese, butter, curd, yoghurt, sweets, and so on. Comparing both milk’s we got to know buffalo’s milk has more fat, sugar, protein content than that cow’s milk. Milk is a part but not the whole part of our diet because we take many other foods in sheer quantities in the entire day. To maintain it as a balanced diet cow’s milk is better because It contains more water content and less fat and sugar contents. So when it added with our diet items it can easily get digested than that of buffalo’s milk. But finally, it is your choice in deciding which milk you prefer to take. Overall milk is a good part of your diet.

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