Healthy weight gain tips 


                                      Healthy weight gain tips 

While obesity and weight gain are taking over people’s health, being underweight can also cause health issues. Scientifically body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 is considered as underweight. It is considered to be less than the sustainable optimal health levels. 

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There can be multiple reasons involved in maintaining balanced body weight. It can be genetic, nutritional, and even a few behavioural factors. 

Few reasons to be underweight: 

  • Few eating disorders can also cause underweight. It includes anorexia nervosa and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Hyperthyroidism boosts your metabolism, causing unhealthy weight loss.
  • Gluten intolerance triggers the celiac disease, which causing inflammation damaging the small intestine’s lining. 
  •  An uncontrolled Diabetes, importantly type 1, can also lead to severe weight loss.
  • One having harmful Cancerous tumours cause to lose a lot of weight due to high-calorie burn. 
  • Few other infections can also cause weight loss. A few of them are Bowel infections, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.

Tips for healthy weight gain: 

Weight training over cardio: Try choosing Weight training over cardio as too much cardio may burn your muscle, and shift to weight training will help maintain lean muscle. 

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

Add protein foods and healthy calories: Try adding protein and enough calories to your diet. Apart from making sudden drastic changes, avoid refined foods and add whole-food sources of carbs along with healthy side dishes, nuts soaked in honey, etc.  

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

High-calorie smoothies: Avoid carbonated drinks regularly and add high-calorie healthy smoothies including nut butter, yoghurt, seeds, greens like spinach, etc., aiding in healthy weight gain 

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More meals: Being underweight, you may feel fuller soon. So, try adding small meals and more meals to your day. try adding 5-6 smaller meals rather than 2 larger meals 

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

Manage water intake: If water blunts someone’s appetite, it is suggested to manage your water intake by drinking 30mins before meals and 90 minutes after meals without disturbing your digestion. 

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

Side effects of being underweight: 

Few side effects of being underweight includes :


2. Feeling tired and falling sick frequently

3. less immunity 

4. Growth issues and chances of Osteoporosis.

5. Fertility issues 


Can we treat underweight issues at home? 

Sometimes one doesn’t even realize they are underweight and have bowel-related concerns. So, if one experience any side effects or frequent sickness of being underweight, checking with a physician is a good option.

Is being thin unhealthy?

Being thin is not always considered unhealthy. It is different from being underweight. So, being thin and healthy may not trigger serious concerns. So, check your BMI and seek help if needed. 


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