Are you stressed? Rosewater bath is the ultimate solution

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

A relaxing bath not only cleanses your body, it enlightens your mood, but also relaxes your muscles giving total relief.

Are you are having a long day?? Then why not treat yourself with a Therapeutic rose water bath rather than a normal one.


Various Stress-relieving DIY’s:


Sesame oil and rose water bath:

  1. Add an ample amount of sesame oil to a bowl and mix 2-3 drops of lavender essence. This mixture can be applied to both hair and body.
  2. Along with this make a paste out of few rose petals and add a spoonful of honey to the paste. Apply this paste as a mask and let it dry for some time.
  3. Now bath with warm water. 


Sesame oil repairs dry skin, lavender extract has a nice fragrance and soothes the skin. Rosewater gives a therapeutic effect and honey moisturize skin. So, in total this amazing combination is going to take away your all-day stress.

Other DIY rose water combo tips: 


Rose petals and green gram powder: Add a handful of rose petals to 2 cups of water. Let it cool down and later add green gram powder along with 2 drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and Green gram rejuvenates your skin. It also nourishes and exfoliates your skin.


Rose petals, sugar, and milk: Add a spoonful of sugar and milk to rose petals paste. Let it dry and bathe with warm water. Milk acts like natural exfoliation and sugar polishes the skin. 


Rose petals and coconut milk: Add some coconut milk and sugar to rose petals making a paste and apply like a mask. Coconut milk helps in maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. 


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