12 Best eco-friendly options for daily use


                  12 Best eco-friendly options for daily use

All of us are aware that our environment is completely deteriorating day by day. There is already an adverse affect on the biological and physical earthly components. Replacing few simple things in our daily life can positively improve our nature. Below are the list of best eco-friendly options for daily use. 

Source : The NetMen Corp

Best Eco-friendly options: 

Eco- friendly Wooden cutlery: 

Source : The Spruce Eats

Wooden cutlery is a trending eco-friendly option these days. They are gentle and Wood doesn’t react with the acid in foods.Wooden cutlery doesn’t produce the metallic state like other materials. And they promote an artistic look for your cutlery collection.

Eco- friendly Cloth bags for shopping: 

Source : Alibaba

The cloth bags can be used for shopping purposes as they can lessen the usage of plastic covers and aids in reducing plastic pollution. The durability of cloth bags is longer. 

Eco- friendly Stainless steel straws: 

Source : UNDP Shop

The piled-up plastic straws can’t be recycled and they don’t decompose. The Stainless steel straws can be reusable after proper sterilization and cleaning. 

Eco- friendly Bamboo bowls: 

Source : Justdial

The natural antibacterial properties in bamboo don’t absorb odors and limit bacterial growth. They don’t hold on to the oil smell from salad dressings. 

Eco- friendly Wooden cutting boards: 

Source : Larch Wood Canada

Wooden cutting boards are easy on the knives and effortless to clean. They don’t leave as many scratches as you observe on the plastic board surface. Many chefs prefer wooden cutting boards over other artificial material boards. 

Natural loofahs: 

Source : SeaSationals > Sea Sponge, Loofah, Skin Care & more

Natural loofahs are the best replaceable healthy options for exfoliating your skin. Their natural properties can aid in removing dead skin. The ingredient used to make natural loofah is ridge gourd. 

Natural utensil cleaners: 

Source : The Spruce

The chemicals present in the utensil cleaners cause damage to the environment. The chemicals are also toxic to aquatic life. So replacing them with natural cleaners like baking soda or activated charcoal powder for power cleaning purposes. The toxicity reduces and so they are best eco-friendly for daily use.

Glass water bottles/Clay water pots:

Source : Discount Age

The water in clay pots stays cool for long hours. Because of the porous property in clay pots. While the glass bottles preserve the minerals in the water. Further makes sure to keep the water fresh. Hence these are eco-friendly for daily use.

Beeswax wrap:

Source : Country Living Magazine

Beeswax wrap is considered the best alternative to plastic as it is reusable and sustainable. The beeswax wraps keep food to stay fresh longer reducing food wastage. 

Bamboo-based Toothbrush:  

Source : Bare Necessities

The bamboo-based toothbrush offers the same quality of cleaning just like a plastic brush. The difference between these brushes is that, the bamboo brushes can be recycled and can be a good help to the environment. 

Rechargeable batteries: 

Source : B&H

One more option for a good replacement are rechargeable batteries. They can be reused hundreds of times and produce very little waste. Recharging batteries are better alternative as it takes lots of cost and energy to make new batteries.

Organic sanitary napkins or menstrual cups: 

Source : The New York Times

By using Organic sanitary napkins one can avoid harmful chemicals which are used in the manufacturing of artificial sanitary napkins. And the recently introduced menstrual cups can be a very good replacement as they are a reusable feminine hygiene product and can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to tampons. 


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