Rice Vs Roti


                               Rice Vs Roti

In a country like India, all our meals are loaded with at least a minimum amount of carbs to maximum levels. It can be in various forms and mostly in the form of rice and chapatis. So what to choose among rice Vs roti? 

Source : Times of India

If you are someone measuring the weight scale and drafting diet charts, it is going to be a forever dilemma of what you should pick for dinner from rice and chapati. 

Points to consider among Rice Vs Roti: 

  1. There is a common thread of carbs between roti and rice but rice is rich in starch while roti has high levels of fibre and protein when compared to rice. 
  2. The fiber content in chapati improves gut health and keeps fuller for longer. 
  3. Considering the sodium content, Rice has minimal levels while chapati has 190mg in 120grams of wheat.
  4. Due to high levels of starch rice promotes an instant spike in blood glucose levels. 
  5. Being a source of complex carbs, roti is considered a good choice for diabetic and obese clients. Roti has a low glycemic index when compared to rice.
  6. When compared to wheat, rice contains less amount of magnesium and phosphorus. 

Note** : 

  • In cases of obesity, weight loss, and diabetes, Roti is the clear winner due to its healthy properties. But, considering the overall terms both rice and roti belong to the carbs family, one needs to exercise portion control for better results. 

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