Who doesn’t love healthy and clean nails ?? And girls top the list in pampering, shaping, and colouring

with different nail paints and trying manicures and pedicures. 

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Why nail care is important??

The hardcover on the nails makes them one of the strongest parts of the hand. They act as a protection to avoid bacteria and viruses from entering the body. 

Nails are made up of tissue called keratin. Keratin has amino acid proteins. 

Basic Nail care tips : 

  • Always try keeping your nails dry and clean.
  • Use moisturizer
  • Trim your nails frequently
  • Avoid biting nails or removing the cuticle. 
  • Don’t use nails as a tool to open jars or soda cans to avoid damage
  • If nails are thick and difficult to cut, try soaking in warm water to make things easy 
  • Choose proper footwear 
  • Try Wearing flip flops at the public showers and pools 

Foods to improve nail growth : 

Just like other parts of our body, nails need nutritious food for healthy and faster growth too. Few foods to improve nail health include nuts and whole grains along with leafy vegetables, salmon, beans, eggs, and fruits. 

Remedies from the home kitchen : 

Lemon juice: Vitamin c in Lemon juice helps to brighten your nails promoting nail growth. you can apply lemon juice directly to the nails using a cotton pad. Doing twice a week followed by a moisturizer gives great results.

Coconut oil: Proper hydration to nails is very important and Coconut oil can help in strengthening and softening your cuticles. The anti-fungal properties also prevent nail infections. Applying warm coconut oil can soften the cuticles 

Apple cider vinegar: Apart from promoting weight loss, ACV treats fungal infections the best due to its alkaline properties. Soak your toenails in a large bowl filled with warm water and ACV in equal amounts and leave it for 15-20mins. Later pat it dry with a clean towel.

Honey: If brittle nails are your complaint, then Honey can be the best solution. It helps to keep your nails and cuticles nourished. A nail mask combining 2 teaspoons of honey with a few drops of lemon juice can be applied and kept for 15-20 minutes which leaves brighter nails and soft cuticles on regular usage. 

Basic nail services provided at salons : 

Manicure : 

The basic service of manicure includes trimming the nails, shaping them followed by filing. It includes addressing your cuticles including trimming and a cuticle oil treatment, and a hand massage. Choosing a nail polish is an optional service.

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

Pedicure: The basic pedicure includes soaking both the feet, scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file followed by clipping nails, shaping them, giving foot and calf massage later ended with moisturizing and nail polishing

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

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