Hair thinning habits and the causes


                       Habits that cause hair thinning

Hair is considered one of the defining factors and everyone treats it with utmost importance. It not only enhances the entire look but also elevates one’s facial features. There can be multiple reasons causing hair thinning. 

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Apart from few health issues, there can be other listed daily habits which we have over looked or never really noticed. 

Causes for hair thinning:

Lack of Scalp massages:

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Scalp massages play a crucial role because it augments hair thickness which thereby stretches the cells of hair follicles. It also aids in dilating blood vessels under the skin promoting hair growth. One can also massage with few essential oils to reap the best benefits. 

A Wrong hairbrush can cause hair thinning:

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Depending on your hair condition like thinning or hair breakage, choosing the right hairbrush makes a big difference. The bristles of a pure boar-bristle brush help in distributing the natural oils, stimulating the scalp, and avoid creating any static on the hair shaft. 

Coloring & bleaching causes hair thinning:

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The coloring products contain peroxide and ammonia while the bleach causes chemical burns affecting your scalp and hair follicles. Coloring changes the integrity of hair making it more porous and weaker. Bleaching can also cause breakage at the scalp level. 

Over exposure to Sun:

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A prolonged exposure to direct Sunlight weakens hair pigments and their proteins. The dermatologist says that exposure to UVA and UVB rays causes damage to the hair cuticles. Too much sun exposure can also trigger compound superoxide production that temporarily interrupts the growth cycle.

Excessive use of hot styling tools:

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Though your styling tools can leave your hair with a perfect parlor finish, overusing or everyday use of tools like hairdryer, or straighteners make your hair dry and leads to breakage finally causing hair thinning. The hair shaft is weakened when too much dry heat is applied.

Washing your hair with Hot water can cause:

Source : Healthline

Lukewarm is always a preferable choice for healthy hair maintenance. As our hair is overly porous, washing it with Hot water can easily dehydrate the scalp and washes out the natural oils leading to breakage. 

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